Artist Statement

I am a printmaker with a focus in relief printmaking. I have a particular fascination with the reduction process, layering inks, and working with small details. I like to explore concepts through abstract geometry as well as interpretations of the natural and manmade world. I love to incorporate texture in my ink and accept slight variations that come with my printmaking technique. I strive to create prints that are graphical in nature and present a point-of-view of the world through my own abstract and geometric lens.


I’m a lifelong creative and graphic designer. I discovered my love for printmaking amidst a search for a creative outlet away from the computer screen. From my very first block of lino I fell completely in love with the medium.

I was born and raised in Michigan. Growing up it was hard for me to not be drawing, painting, messing around in Kid Pix. I graduated college and pursued a career in graphic design full time, and now as a freelance professional. I moved to Portland, Oregon, and instantly fell in love with the city and the Pacific Northwest have to offer.

Exhibits and Shows

Anacortes Art Festival \\\ August 2019 \\\ Anacortes, WA
Juried Art Fair

Salem Art Festival \\\ July 2019 \\\ Salem, OR
Juried Art Fair

Mississippi Street Fair \\\ June 2019 \\\ Portland, OR
Outdoor Summer Fair

Art in the Vineyard \\\ July 2019 \\\ Eugene, OR
Juried Art Fair

Lake Oswego Art Fair \\\ June 2019 \\\ Lake Oswego, OR
Juried Art Fair

St. Johns Bizarre \\\ May 2019 \\\ Portland, OR
Outdoor Summer Fair

The Hazel Room \\\ June 2018 \\\ Portland, OR
Cafe Exhibit

Rudy’s \\\ June 2018 \\\ Portland, OR
Barbershop Exhibit

St. Johns Bizarre \\\ May 2018 \\\ Portland, OR
Outdoor Summer Fair


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